Electric Chair Pictures

Electric Chair Pictures

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  • Elsie Lane says:

    Hey, just a correction — the one labeled “Unknown, possibly authentic execution” is actually not an authentic execution. It’s a scene from a movie that was filmed at the prison in the 1930s; it’s Florida’s real electric chair, and it’s Florida’s real death chamber, but no one died in it.

    Also, you have one picture labeled “Indiana” when in fact, that chair is in Greenville. It’s the one on the green mat on the floor. Also, there’s a chair labeled “Unknown;” it has a very orange coloring to it. That chair is Georgia’s new electric chair, from 1980 to 2001. The chair labeled for “Vermont” is actually from New Jersey… which is a shame, especially considering that I have NEVER seen Vermont’s electric chair before, and I’d be kind-of interested, but it’s next to impossible to find on the conventional web.

    Anyway, nice photo gallery! Thanks for sharing!

  • blue says:

    hey randall (and hallo elsie as well) – i’ve just found your blog and i really like it. would love to get in touch with you by mail or messenger, just to talk and ponder a little about that DP stuff. unfortunately I can’t figure out how to send you a mail or PM so I leave a comment here, hope you can see my mail adress. hope to hear from u soon!

  • marc says:

    Hi all, i share these feelibgs With Randall, Blue and Elsie. Feel free to contact me on [email protected]. Love to share thoughts.

  • Joe says:

    I always thought I was very unusual in my obsession with Capital Punishment- I’ve read so many books, watched all the documetaries I can find, and am fascinated with the whole grusome ‘protocol’ of capital punishment, searching for hours for eye witness statements etc. Im British, but it’s the actual ‘equipment’ that’s fascinated me, specifically the electric chair and guillotine/ fallbeil.

    Randall, I highly recommend you searching for information about the fallbeil (literally ‘falling axe’ in English) as it was used a huge amount in Nazi Germany as the primary execution method of killing thousands and thousands of civilians in the third reich- there are some really good sites, video’s and films (e.g. ‘the white rose’ is very memorable) where the fallbeil is the device used.

    Best wishes,


  • Gerry says:

    Hello, interesting collection. To my knowledge, line four from left is Illinois Statesville, Indiana, Illinois Cook County, Georgia Reidsville, and Florida.

    Illinois had a chair at Menard, though I have never seen it. The Statesville chair was used as a model for South Dakota’s chair, which was used once.

    Thanks for sharing.

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