Political Statements

Nitrogen Asphyxiation

While it isn’t a totally new idea, in April Oklahoma became the first state – likely the first place – to authorize judicial executions be carried out by nitrogen asphyxiation.  (Tulsa World, April 18, 2015, Time, April 17, 2015).

Executions of Drug Traffickers

I regularly check in on capitalpunishmentuk.org, including checking his monthly listing of verifiable executions.  It was doing this, not watching the news, that I discovered that, last July (2014), Singapore resumed executions with a pair of drug traffickers, and that last month (January 2015) Indonesia executed seven drug traffickers.

Further Thoughts On Capital Offenses

Back in 2009, I wrote about my thoughts and feelings regarding which crimes should carry the death penalty.  Over the intervening years, I’ve thought about this off and on and have some revised thoughts.

Thoughts on Capital Offenses

I support the death penalty. At a minimum I believe that all pre-meditated murders, and probably a large portion of the remaining murders should carry at least a possibility of a death sentence. As I mentioned in my ealier entry, I believe that the death penalty provides some deterrent, and making it a real possibility for crimes makes it an effective deterrent. (more…)

Why I support the Death Penalty

In part because of my other interests in the death penalty, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the need for capital punishment as part of a healthy criminal justice system. This has led me to several conclusions, but all leave me firmly in favor of the death penalty and disturbed by how it is used in the United States today. To start to explain why I believe in capital punishment, I have to explain something I believe is true about nearly every individual in the world. (more…)