Works of fiction related to capital punishment and execution

First Posted Fiction

I’ve written fiction for years.  For the most part, I’ve kept it to myself.

But, I’ve decided to post my most recent story: “From the Journal of Frank Cyril Frye.”

This story is set in, as of today, the very near future.  But other than the future setting, I hope that it is fairly credible.  And, while there is much about this story that is fiction, parts of it are likely true for me were I ever to find myself so totally desperate.

Fiction, Alternate History, and Statistics

As mentioned before, I have written a number of unshared stories depicting a character being executed.  One common theme I’ve used to set this up is that the United States (and, perhaps, the whole world) retained an attitude towards capital punishment similar to what we had in the first third, or so, of the 20th century.