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Me As The Condemned Inmate – Expected Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions

I’m going to spend some time imagining – as I often have – what it would be like to face execution by various methods used, or proposed, in the United States and in some cases elsewhere.


I’m going to start with the following assumptions, just to set the stage:

Nitrogen Asphyxiation

While it isn’t a totally new idea, in April Oklahoma became the first state – likely the first place – to authorize judicial executions be carried out by nitrogen asphyxiation.  (Tulsa World, April 18, 2015, Time, April 17, 2015).

Drug Execution Rates

Earlier I’ve posted about the rate of executions for drug trafficking this year (and going a bit back into last year).  However, I’d not actually looked at the rate.  I just went and looked over the execution data at for the first seven months of this year, and the rate is much higher than I’d have thought: