Things Another Me Might Have Done

Off and on, I think about things that I might have done relating to my interest in Capital Punishment if my life had gone differently.  This is a partial list of ones I’m currently seeing as possibilities:

  • Built a realistic prop electric chair.
  • Visited more museums and locals that would get me close to electric chairs, gas chambers, etc.
  • Actively seek out someone to “play” with me.
  • Acquire more equipment related to prisons: restraints and similar.

Much further down the list is the one that really scares me at times: deliberately commit a capital crime, then make an effort to ensure my execution for it.  The thing that scare me is that this would require that I hurt someone else – unless I chose to bring drugs to Singapore as I depicted in my recently posted story.

On a couple of occasions, I’ve really scared myself when I could, just for a moment, picture me doing something right then and there.  But, I’m still in control of myself, so I haven’t even come close to acting on them.