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On bodily functions and execution

In my last post, I mentioned my apparently mistaken belief that it was almost inevitable that someone would urinate, and possibly defecate, during their execution.  Evidence shows that this isn’t the case, at least for hangings (two pictures out of the numerous from Kuwait and Iran).

Some favorate photos from the Gallery and elsewhere

The New Mexico Electric Chair

The New Mexico Electric Chair

First up, the New Mexico Electric Chair – used seven times.

New Mexico has the distinction of being one of three states to have used both an electric chair and a gas chamber to conduct executions.  This could be enough to make this a favorite, but I also like the leg cuffs.

Things Another Me Might Have Done

Off and on, I think about things that I might have done relating to my interest in Capital Punishment if my life had gone differently.  This is a partial list of ones I’m currently seeing as possibilities:

More on Physical Sensations

Back when I wrote about “What it might feel like to be executed” I tried to imagine and describe the physical and emotional sensations.  But, I’m not sure I did as well with the physical as I’d have liked.

First Posted Fiction

I’ve written fiction for years.  For the most part, I’ve kept it to myself.

But, I’ve decided to post my most recent story: “From the Journal of Frank Cyril Frye.”

This story is set in, as of today, the very near future.  But other than the future setting, I hope that it is fairly credible.  And, while there is much about this story that is fiction, parts of it are likely true for me were I ever to find myself so totally desperate.

Capital Murder Charges in SXSW Incident

Late on March 12, 2014, a drunk driver plowed into the crowd at the South by Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin Texas.  (CNN Report, Austin American-Statesman Report).

The Austin American-Statesman reports “Police Chief Art Acevedo said the man will face two charges of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault.”  This intrigued me.

Reintroduction – Who I am and why this site is here

Until very recently, this has been a rarely updated site.  So, even with less than 20 total posts the oldest posts are nearly nine years old.  So, I’m going to post a new introduction.

Much of this material was previously covered in two early posts: October 26, 2005, and December 15, 2005.  But this is a fresh take on it, only briefly referencing the prior articles.

Gallery Restored

Most of the pictures previously in the photo gallery have been restored to the site.  The links to them are on the right in the menu area.

What it might feel like to be executed

Obviously, we don’t have any actual reports on what it feels like to be executed.  So, I’m going to use some imagination instead.  For these purposes, I’m going to assume the following:

Gallery Restoration

I only recently discovered that there were external links pointing to a photo gallery that had been taken down several years ago after a security flaw in the software was used to hack into the server. (more…)