Some Favorite Execution Videos

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of films and videos that have both encouraged and informed my interest in capital punishment.  In my initial entry (“How Time Magazine  Changed My Life”), I mentioned a few of these, most of which I’ve not been able to track down.

There are some others I’ve seen that, as I recall, were pretty good – both in being at least somewhat realistic, and showing some semblance of the experience.  Among these would be the executions scenes from The Green Mile, and Last Dance; and from episodes of Quantum Leap, and CSI.  There are a few others that have left me cold – I could tell how unrealistic they were, or there was something else about them.  I’ve never watched any of Dead Man Walking due to its overly strong anti-capital punishment message. 

I also recall an old made for Showtime movie Dead Man Running, that starred Ruben Blades – but I cannot find any evidence it exists on either IMDB or Wikipedia.  There is a 2009 movie of that name, but isn’t what I recall.

But there are some videos that depict (or in one case show) executions that I find really interesting.  These are available on YouTube and embedded here.

First up is the execution scene from Bangkok Hilton.  Now, this depiction of an execution in Thailand does not match the description, and photo, of how Thailand used to conduct executions using a machine gun found here on Capital Punishment UK (about half-way down).

While the technical details of this execution are way off, the reaction of the two condemned I think is somewhat accurate. It shows a growing level of panic, and panic being expressed in two different ways

Next up is one I’ve actually only seen once before, the execution scene from The Dirty Dozen.  This is a really good example of a British-style hanging.  I think its cut a bit quick in some ways, but it might not be.  This one is pretty high on accuracy, perhaps a bit lower in communicating the emotions of the condemned.

By far, my favorite in this bunch is the execution scene from Dadah is Death

(Due to a bug with Youtube’s embedding code not accepting a start time other than the beginning, I’m putting a link here)

There are a few things I like about this one.  First, it is a fairly accurate hanging – the only error is in the placement of the noose.  Second, I like how it shows the emotions of the condemned.  You can see and feel how their fear is increasing with each step: stopping, being pinioned, having the noose placed over the hood, and finally waiting.

The next video is real.  It is the execution of a serial child rapist and a murder in Kuwait: