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Some Favorite Execution Videos

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of films and videos that have both encouraged and informed my interest in capital punishment.  In my initial entry (“How Time Magazine  Changed My Life”), I mentioned a few of these, most of which I’ve not been able to track down.

Fiction, Alternate History, and Statistics

As mentioned before, I have written a number of unshared stories depicting a character being executed.  One common theme I’ve used to set this up is that the United States (and, perhaps, the whole world) retained an attitude towards capital punishment similar to what we had in the first third, or so, of the 20th century.

Some Interesting Links from

One of my favorite sites for death penalty information is Capital Punishment UK.  This site has a number of useful links, and is an especially rich site for information on hanging.  Below are some of my most often referenced or otherwise favorite links within those pages: