Monthly Archives: December 2005

Am I a paraphiliac?

Over the last few days I’ve been doing some research on the Internet into why thoughts about the Death Penalty, and execution in particular, cause the sometimes troubling sexual reactions in me. Through this research I’ve discovered a decent description as to what a psychologist might consider this condition: unspecified paraphilia. However, it is also clear that paraphilia is only considered a treatable condition when it becomes a problem for the person or others, or becomes a criminal activity. Of course the information on the theological implications are much more vague. This research also has led me to conclude that psychologists aren’t sure how it is caused, nor how, or even if, it can be really cured. In my case, I’m not too worried about treatment since it isn’t causing too much problem for me. But I’m interested, or at least curious as to the cause in my case. (more…)